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What is Training Solutions as a Service (TSaas)?

Let’s answer that question with a question. Or, better yet, a series of questions!

  • Has an online learning management system (LMS) ever made your learners jump for joy that they’ve been assigned a course?

  • Has being able to deploy mountains of eLearning online ever solved all of your training needs?

  • Has it ensured your employees are receiving the most effective training possible?

  • Has it made your company more diverse, effective, and strategic?

  • Has it made sure your compliance training actually meets requirements while ensuring your employees understand why compliance matters?

  • Has it helped you attract top talent, acquire new clients, and improve your operational efficiency?

Odds are, your LMS only houses and deploys training. Ouch!

At VeraTrain, we know that your training needs are far more involved than only needing an LMS and even custom eLearning.

Expert Consulting coupled with a Powerful LMS

You need a training partner that can answer all of your training questions and provide the solutions you need.

  • Need instructional design? We design targeted, engaging, highly interactive, sleek, clean, and powerful training that actually hits the mark.

  • You need an LMS? We provide you with the LMS that not only houses training, but allows you to create and even sell your own courses – without the need to buy and learn new software.

  • Are you getting excited yet? That's only the beginning.

  • Do you need mission critical help on your training projects? We have certified consultants that can roll up their sleeves and help you in a pinch with any training need, from planning, to content design and development, to delivery.

  • Do you need to work within the ever dwindling training budget? Our pricing structure is clear, affordable, and won’t break your budget.

Our TSaaS offerings are all-inclusive, and can be tailored to fit the needs of any client.

Where can you find the learning software, instructional design, training systems, and consulting by top Learning and Development experts in the industry, all in one company. Only at VeraTrain. We are Training Solutions as a Service (TSaaS). Setting us apart from every other training firm on the globe.

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