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VeraTrain's Commitment to Community

Join VeraTrain as we be begin our legacy of giving back!

At VeraTrain, we are committed to building a company of which we can all be proud - not only of the innovative products we create and the financial results we achieve, but the manner in which we achieve them.

Whether it's responsible sourcing, giving back to our communities, reducing our environmental impact, or supporting appropriate social issues, we believe corporate responsibility is a company wide effort.

We support a diverse range of projects that make a meaningful difference for communities and the environment.

Integral to the VeraTrains’ business strategy and mission is to create value and make a positive difference in the world. We’ve made a commitment to “give-back” to our communities and fund projects and programs that promote and support causes for our children.

We support organizations who share our passion for education and training. We believe that empowering people and organizations with innovative training and IT solutions ensures more effective and smarter workforce. With our contributions we will support causes for children and schools, where they live, learn and play; supporting causes that give them more of what they need to succeed - like reading, nutritional meals, classroom supplies and activities, supporting the arts and cultural experiences and many more needed areas.

Please join us today in making the world and our future better.

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