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VeraTrain introduces Training Solutions as a Service (TSaas)

VeraTrain was created because for more than 20 years, our founders have been providing unique solutions to our clients during consulting engagements with Coca-Cola, SunTrust Bank, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Warner Brothers, AOL, U.S. Army, Home Depot, Anthem, MetLife, Aflac, Verizon, and SAP to name a few. Those are a few of our larger clients – but there have also been countless projects completed for smaller clients as well – including startups.

Throughout the years, one thing became clear – our clients kept calling us back. Over and over again. Because they relished in our real training solutions that got the job done – using technology, interactivity, and scientifically proven learning techniques – yet without all of the fluff and costly elements that other firms were pushing. Our clients wanted a one-stop solution provider that actually met their training needs – without trying to sell them on pricey, over-produced training or overpriced Learning Management Systems.

As a result, VeraTrain was born. We are a full-service Training Solutions-as-a-Service (TSaas) firm that specializes in building customized training that uses our unique blend of instructional design, adult-learning, and technology to achieve phenomenal results. VeraTrain uses scientifically-proven training techniques, interactive media, and engaging training design in our targeted training solutions – which we’ve developed by working with clients throughout the globe.

As consultants, most normally go into the client site to bill as much hours as possible, but we decided to take a different approach. We actually saved clients an average of $75K in training costs.

Let us show you how training should be done.

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