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Does delivering hours of Training make you a Super Hero? Try saving your company money!

You've all heard it before, probably.

"My team has delivered 40 hours of required, mandated training this quarter."

In other words, "Where's my cape?"

What if delivering countless hours of training did actually make you a super hero? The world would be full of flying trainers and even super-hero eLearning developers!

Yes – even online training doesn’t automatically entitle you to a cape! You could still be banished to the land of too costly, too ineffective, and extremely too long for learners to actually be able to apply what they learned.

Grant it, we all know that online training can be far more effective than traditional instructor-led training. We know that online training can save thousands of dollars a month, which is why so many companies, organizations, and educational institutions have gone that route.

Yet – even with 60% increased knowledge retention in comparison to traditional Instructor-Led Training – online training or eLearning can still cause you to lose your super hero status.

Why? Because online training is so easy to produce nowadays. With the rapid development tools on the market, such as Articulate and Captivate, taking over the market – anyone, yes, anyone can create an online training course!

The results have been staggering – a multitude of eLearning courses at your fingertips.

Let’s examine a few types you may have come across:

The Snore Fest

Image, text, and click Next. That’s the extent of this type of eLearning. The Snore Fest lures it’s victims to mindless mental snoozing, until they actually fall into a trance.

The Elaborate, Hollywood-production

Lights, Camera, Action! This type of eLearning touts its huge price tag as its qualification for super hero status. Professional “actors” produce loads of video – complete with corny one-liners. Better yet, elaborately themed courses have the learner exploring faraway places, diving for treasures, and becoming a secret agent for a day – all to complete a 20 minute compliance course. Yes – you may get one super fan who asks for your autograph, but after spending $60K of your training budget on one course – I sure hope your super fan is hiring.

The Wam-Bam - Thank You Ma’am

This doesn’t look like a very nice eLearning super hero, now does it? But looks can be deceiving. Get in, and get out - no questions asked. (OK, maybe a few poignant questions to be sure you’ve actually learned a thing or two.) Sure, learners can learn your content in 45 minutes. But most of them don’t want to. They will run the other way when they see your coming. Or receive yet another email about your upcoming course. Not because they don’t like you, or want you to grab your cape and take a hike – or flight. But because the brain science behind how people actually learn.

We’ll get more into the brain science behind learning in a later post. But suffice to say, after 20 minutes – the brain basically turns to putty.

So, how can you actually earn the coveted super hero cape? By designing a training program that gives the learners what they need, when they need it, in bit-sized amounts, and with immediate application.

Who are we? Just a group of superheroes who have saved companies money while impacting their performance. Saving them money while helping them grow their revenue - that’s certainly cause for super hero status. Let us help you get fitted for your cape.

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