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You need training for today's learner.

Modern | On-demand | Online | Interactive | Scientifically Proven

Who We Are

At VeraTrain, we believe that effective training is essential to your success. Training impacts every area of your organization - from HR and Compliance, to Sales and Customer Support.


Our solutions incorporate our unique blend of targeted Change Management, consulting, next generation Technology, and Instructional Design tailored to fit your project needs.


We know how adults learn - so we use scientifically proven engagement techniques, storytelling, multimedia, and technology to achieve phenomenal results.


Why Choose Us?


We save you money while delivering the training solutions you need - in a fraction of the time.


We keep your learner engaged, involved, and interacting with our training. That's 60% more effective.


We give you the gift of a full creative team: Instructional Designers, Media Designers, and expert Learning Consultants.

Training using Innovative Technology

At VeraTrain, we know understand the needs of today's learners. Your learners need highly interactive, just-in-time, on demand training that fits their needs. 


Our cloud-based, 24x7, mobile-ready Training Platform gives you your own Training Center. The system includes 100's of preloaded courses for your industry, and the ability to create custom training for your learners. Your Training Center gives your learners access to their courses 24x7 on their PC, MAC, phone, tablet, or other connected device.

Why You Need VeraTrain


We are Training Solutions as a Service (TSaaS). All-inclusive training solutions tailored to fit your training needs.


Need instructional design?  We design targeted, engaging, highly interactive, sleek, clean, and powerful training that actually hits the mark.


Need a powerful  LMS?  We provide you with the LMS that not only tracks, houses, and deploys training, but allows you to create and even sell your own courses. Poweful training management and analytics with the ability to create courses without the need to download or purchase course development software: win-win!


Need mission criticial help on your training projects?  We have certified consultants that can roll up their sleeves and help you in a pinch with any training need, from planning, content, and design to development and delivery.


Need to work within an ever dwindling training budget? We provide you with a clear, transparent pricing structure with subscription and bundling options that won’t break your budget.



Where can you find certified VeraTrain consultants to staff your project, a powerful Enterprise LMS, advanced instructional design, and custom training solutions, all in one company?


Only at VeraTrain.  Setting us apart from every other training firm on the globe.

One stop. All things Training.

VeraTrain's 4 Pillars


We engage learners by building dynamic training solutions that challenge the learner and employs critical thinking and interactivity.



We effectively train learners using problem-solving and scenerio-based training programs that deliver maximum results.


We build solutions that help learners retain up to 60% more knowledge resulting in higher performance and dramatic cost savings.



We provide a powerful, secure LMS solution that allows you to easilty maintain all training and report on all training activities.



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